We have seen the erosion of local control with No Child Left Behind and now with Common Core.  Many states that are further along with implementation of CC have lost control of the curriculum.  As the assessments align with CC, one can expect an even greater loss of control for more states. Last week we Read More →

One of the most chilling aspects of Common Core is it’s coupling with child-monitoring, data collection systems promoted by the Federal government, in partner with our State’s government. Given recent growing concerns about the NSA’s spying programs, and their abuse by federal government employees, it’s a wonder more parents aren’t concerned about the government’s plans Read More →


There is a great article posted at dcclothesline.com, written by a teacher who has shared one particularly grotesque curriculum unit based on Common Core Standards.  The article is interesting, as it lays out how one particular month-long study of two books, To Kill a Mockingbird and Mother of Monsters, seek to equate individuality for the Read More →

An interesting article over at Utahans Against Common Core makes an excellent point about CC’s origins.  Namely, does it matter who wrote Common Core? If Common Core’s standards lead to sub-par curriculum and the “dumbing-down” of our schools and our kids, does it matter whether a group of unelected activists and political operatives wrote the Read More →


Montana residents keep hearing how the federal government had no role in Common Core. With just a little research though, this claim can be found false. The following is a post from the Missouri Education Watchdog that helps refute what Montanans are being told by our OPI and Board of Public Education. Attendees at all Read More →