It is happening–further dumbing down of students and changing the course of history.  The full title of the ELA Common Core(c) standards is “English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subject”. Very clever.  English Language Arts is more than English.  Since national history standards failed to pass Congress in the past, Read More →

Have you stopped to consider “what IS education”?  What is the purpose?  How should a child be educated?  Who is ultimately responsible for your child’s education? Don’t miss this opportunity to join us to hear from two leading national experts–David Barton and Terrence Moore. David Barton is well-known for his knowledge of our Founding Fathers, Read More →

We have seen the erosion of local control with No Child Left Behind and now with Common Core.  Many states that are further along with implementation of CC have lost control of the curriculum.  As the assessments align with CC, one can expect an even greater loss of control for more states. Last week we Read More →