We have seen the erosion of local control with No Child Left Behind and now with Common Core.  Many states that are further along with implementation of CC have lost control of the curriculum.  As the assessments align with CC, one can expect an even greater loss of control for more states.

Last week we saw that the Brookings Institute calling for control over the curriculum to align with CC by giving that power to the copyright holders–the National Governors’ Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers.

Now the former National Educators Association Executive Director, currently working for Pearson Publishing, is calling for a CC czar that should have governmental authority!

Watch out local school board trustees!  Do you have total freedom to question the system?  Is your superintendent interfering with your  “supervision and control” over your district as guaranteed by the Montana Constitution?

Be alert!

Here is the latest from EAG News about the NEA desire for a CC czar.

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