We have had a successful first half of the 2015 legislative session.  Representative Debra Lamm (HD60) introduced HB 377 to repeal Common Core©, Smarter Balanced testing and create a new accreditation process for content standards.

Representative Lamm’s HB 501 protects student data from being collected without parental consent.  It requires a school to identify the data it wishes to collect, the purpose and who would be receiving the data.  Furthermore, only aggregated data could be shared with a third party.  Currently, personally identifiable data is being shared with for-profit companies.

Both bills have passed out of the House and are headed for Senate hearings this month.

Other states are working to withdraw from Common Core© as well.  So far, six states have paused or repealed Common Core©.  Sixteen states currently have legislation related to Common Core© and related testing.

Missouri has successfully stopped participation in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium through a law suit.  A judge agreed that the SBAC is an illegal interstate compact in violation of the US Constitution.  It is a matter of time before all states will have to face the reality of this serious overreach into a state’s education system.

It is encouraging that the majority of people now understand the insidious nature of Common Core© and the data collection associated with it.

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