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Now that you are convinced that Common Core is not what it seems, and that Montana should NOT be apart of this top-down education scheme, here are some things that you can do to help stop the implementation of Common Core.

Educate Yourself & Your Friends

Educate yourself on our site.  Continue to monitor the information we post, so that you can stay up-to-date and knowledgeable.  Then, invite your friends to the site, to do the same.

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You can help spread the word about Common Core, and stay up-to-date, by “liking” us on our Facebook page.

Hashtag on Twitter

Use #StopCommonCore in your Tweets

Request a Speaker

We have access to knowledgeable speakers who can attend meetings and events to educate your group and provide detailed presentations.  Contact us to schedule a Speaker for your next gathering.

Contact Your Legislators & Governor

Once you’ve gotten familiar with Common Core, please take these actions:

Call the Governor and tell him to get us out of the Common Core Standards.

Mailing Address:

Office of the Governor
PO Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801

Toll Free Number: 855-318-1330
Phone: 406-444-3111

Fax: 406-444-5529

E-mail the Secretary of Education Denise Juneau at

Find Your Legislators - and email or call them

Ask these questions of your Representative and Senator

  1. Ask to see the cost analysis on Common Core. Ask what will this cost us and where the money is coming from.
  2. Ask if you, the parents or taxpayer, are unhappy with the standards…how we can amend them?
  3. Ask to see the scientific studies upon which the academic foundations of Common Core rest.
  4. Ask to opt your child out of the data tracking system (called “Achievement in Montana” or AIM) and what is the process to do that.
  5. Ask if they would be willing to introduce a bill to halt Common Core in Montana and give local control to districts to set their own high standards.

What can you expect?

Most will probably tell you that it is too late.  Montana has accepted these standards and we are locked into them.  But that isn’t the whole story.  Many states are now deciding to opt-out of Common Core and the Student Data Mining Systems.  And these movements started and became successful because of people like YOU.

Common Core is set to be fully implemented by fall of 2014!  We do have time, but not much!  Montana has an opportunity to adopt truly high standards, and resist the intrusive federal government power grab.

Other Ways to Help

Contact us at to request flyers for you or your grass roots group. Pass them out to your neighbors, at school board meetings, local meetings and other events.

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