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In the dark of night our educational system is being handed over to the federal government!  Arne Duncan, US Dept of Education, said in 2010 it has been a quiet revolution.  Please help return the power back to the states, local educators, and parents!

  • What was once the job of the states and local school districts is now being handed over to the federal government.  Nationalized education is against the law!
  • Common Core levels the playing field.  Many schools will have to dumb down their standards to align with everyone else.
  • Our children will be used as guinea pigs for data mining.  The government aims to collect data on your child from cradle to grave.  No more personal privacy.
  • Subjects like math have been reinvented and are now confusing so parents will not be able to help their children.
  • Our children will be taught to be global citizens rather than what it means to be an American.  History is being rewritten.
  • Standardized testing is being rewritten to align with Common Core.  This will affect private and homeschooled children too.
  • No one truly knows the cost to implement this wholesale change to education.
  • The Montana Legislature did not approve the Common Core Standards.  They were left out of the process and there was no public input into this sweeping change.

Therefore, we ask you to sign the Petition to Rescind Common Core.  And after you have signed it, you will be given a chance to share it with friends via Facebook , Twitter or email.  Please do so…it’s the easiest way to Join The Fight:

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Rescind Common Core Now!

To Certain Elected Officials

We the People, citizens and taxpayers of Montana, ask the Governor, State Board of Education, and the State Superintendent to immediately take the steps necessary to rescind Common Core adoption, the No Child Left Behind waiver, withdraw from the Smarter Balanced Assessments Consortium, and all other requirements upon the state that are related to these, and return to previous standards in use prior to Common Core adoption.

Second, I request the Attorney General to review all documentation related to such applications and contracts as mentioned above to ensure our state sovereignty is held inviolate. I further request that this review of programs, documents, and applications, include an examination to ensure no private or personal information about students is transmitted outside of local schools and districts.

Third, inasmuch as the state Board of Education adopted CCSS before they were finalized, failed to perform a statewide cost analysis prior to adoption, circumvented the legislature, and failed to conduct public meetings where citizens could review the actual standards prior to adoption, I request that a committee be appointed to rewrite Montana’s standards through a well-developed transparent process that includes numerous public hearings and input.

Fourth, give individual schools and districts full local control with the ability to adopt their own high standards, assessments and research-based curriculum to encourage and protect parents’ fundamental liberty interest in the education of their children.

Fifth, I request that a committee of legislators and citizens be formed to develop a 5 year plan to get Montana off all federal funding of education, and if the federal government threatens to pull non-education related funding away from the state as we pursue this course, that this knowledge should be made public.

Sixth, I ask that the state strengthen privacy laws and make sharing of personal student data with any state, federal, or private entity a crime both for the one disseminating and the recipient who requested personal information.


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